H Ranch was founded in 2019 when Dr. Humberto Nobre and Dr. Lauren Norberg moved to his family’s cattle ranch in central Brazil. H Ranch is located in the state of Goias, where rolling hills, plateaus, and lush river bottoms dominate the landscape. The ranch is bordered by the Rio dos Bois river on one side, and ranches on the other. The region’s rich soil allows Soybeans and corn crops to thrive.

The longhorn foundation herd was comprised of 6 brood cows. These cows were carefully selected following the American Texas Longhorn breed standards. The original breeder, Mr. Leônidas Guimarães, had been breeding longhorns for over 60 years. At one point before he passed away, his herd had more than 350 head of brood cows. His breeding program selected for beef, conformation, milking ability, maternal instinct, size, color, docility and large horns…the ultimate animal.

The starting project consisted of breeding Brazilian Longhorn cows to American Texas Longhorn bulls in order to get to a pure-bred Texas Longhorn herd. This process takes three generations to be completed according to the breed-up program approved by ABRALHO and ITLA. The crosses between Brazilian and American bloodlines are showing great results. The offsprings maintain the size and good conformation from the dams and gain colors and fast horn growth from the sires.